ESXLab and VMware Certified Professional - Datacenter Virtualization (VCP5-DV)

According to VMware's own web site, a candidate interested in earning VCP5-DV must accomplish three things:

  1. Gain knowledge and experience with the VMware vSphere 5 product suite
  2. Sit and pass the VCP5-DV exam
  3. Attend an authorized VMware class

Follow this link for full disclosure of VMware requirements for VCP6-DCV.

Note that VMware conveniently only recognizes their own training as meeting item 3 (above). They do not recognize knowledge and ability acquired through self-study, on the job training or training from any third party (such as ESXLab).

What ESXLab recommends for people who want the benefits of VCP6-DCV without the substantial (and often unnecessary) hit to your wallet of having to sit authorized VMware training is:

  • Review the VCP6-DCV exam roadmap
  • Prepare for the exam through thorough study and practice
  • Contact us to explore earning alternative certification in VMware vSphere - the ESXLab Virtualization Certified Specialist (ECVS) exam


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