MySQL installation

phpSQLiteCMS uses PDO as database interface. By default, phpSQLiteCMS runs with a SQLite database (PDO_SQLITE driver). As SQLite is file-based and the databse files are shipped with phpSQLiteCMS, it should run "out of the box" without database setup (provided that the server supports PDO and the PDO_SQLITE driver is available). Though, as PDO supports other databases as well, it is also possible to run phpSQLiteCMS with MySQL. For this purpose the PDO_MYSQL driver must be available on the server.

To use phpSQLiteCMS with a MySQL database you need to do the following:

  • Set up the MySQL database using the the SQL queries in /cms/config/sql/mysql.initial.sql
  • Edit the file /cms/config/db_settings.conf.php

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