• I only get a blank page!
    • Does your server really fulfill the system requirements? Please check this twice! E.g.: do you really have PHP 5 with PDO and SQLite driver? You can check this with the phpinfo function.
  • Can I blog with phpSQLiteCMS?
    • Yes, just follow these steps:
      • Make your index page (or any other page you want to have as blog index) a "News page" (Properties → Type).
      • To add a new entry just create a new page and include it into your blog page (Include → Include in).
      • The RSS Feed is available by accessing [your blog index page],rss or [your blog index page],rss-fullfeed. You can set this address as default RSS Feed in Settings → Advanced settings → rss_feed.
      • If you like you can enable pingbacks by setting Settings → Advanced settings → pingbacks_enabled to 1.

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