With the caching feature enabled (Administration → Settings) you can speed up the parsing of pages and save server performance. Note that the directory /cms/cache needs to be writable for this purpose!
At the first request of a page a cache file of the page is created. On the following requests only the cache file is displayed without parsing or database requests.

Please note the following when using the caching feature:

  • The cache of commentable pages is cleared automatically if a new comment is added (or edited/deleted by an admin).
  • Every data modification in the administration area clears the whole cache. You can change this behavior by setting admin_auto_clear_cache to 0 (Administration → Settings → Advanced settings). This might me useful on more frequently visited websites to avoid the cache to be created and deleted several times. In this case you need to manually clear the cache after you have finished editing (Administration → Clear cache).
    Clearing the cche manually is also necessary if you make changes on the templates or load up data files (see Data synchronisation).
  • As no database request is performed if the page is already cached, the IP/user agent filters are not active on normal page requests. In this case they only take place if data is posted (e.g. when submitting a comment).
  • If your website is accessible with and without www. (e.g. / you should specify the preferred URL in Administration → Settings → Advanced settings → base_url.

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